Monday, January 21, 2008

There have been times when I have menu planned but I never really stuck with it. Usually because hubby (or myself) didn't feel like eating /cooking what was planned. I also never incorporated leftovers into the plan and ended up wasting a lot.

I'm joining Laura's Menu Plan Monday over at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Here is my attempt at menu planning for two adults and two young children:

Breakfasts: (will repeat themselves...I have a picky 2 year old!)

cereal, banana, milk

peanut butter toast, apple, milk

oatmeal, juice


mac and cheese, pears, milk

turkey sandwich with cheese, yogurt, pretzels

chicken nuggets, peas, apple slices

tuna fish, peaches, cottage cheese

peanut butter & jelly (what my daughter wants for every meal!)



crackers and string cheese

fruit bars

fruit snacks



tacos, refried beans, spanish rice


spaghetti with italian sausage, butter baked carrot sticks, garlic bread


beefy biscuit cups (with sauce/sausage leftovers), lettuce salad, pears


smoked chicken, mixed vegetables, cranberries


homemade pizza


crockpot chicken spaghetti (we will be out of town for a work will be at home with MIL)


pork chops and stuffing, green bean casserole, peaches/cottage cheese
Woo hoo! I'm excited. I'm trying to use up stuff in the freezer/pantry and I think this menu will help me accomplish this.
I can't wait to check out other menus.
Until next time,


Maranda said...

It's my first MPM too! I hope I can stick to my plan, as well. Good luck with your plan!

Mommychicky said...

Welcome to MPM. I know what you mean about incorporating leftovers, but I've found that sticking with the menu planning has really helped me on that front. And what would we do without string cheese? Thanks for sharing. Check my MPM out if you get a chance and have a great week.

kelly said...

sounds great!

Heather said...

Sitting down and taking inventory of what you have on hand is a great way to get a handle on the food budget. It sounds like you are well on your way with your menu.
Don't get frustrated if you stray from it. You can almost always just shuffle things around.
Good luck.

Leni said...

Looks good! You'll be surprised how quickly this becomes a habit!

Helps to remember that it's a guideline and you can adjust it any old time you want to!

Cynthia Matzat said...

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday. Your menu sounds great, especially the beefy biscuit cups. Thanks for sharing!