Friday, February 22, 2008

Frugal Friday

I am happy to report I am saving major money on diapers and pull-ups. My two-year-old is finally potty trained! Hooray! With the generic pull-ups at 27 cents a piece in my area, it's like getting a raise. :)

I used to make my own baby wipes which saved SO much money! ($9 in supplies lasted 6 months) Unfortunately, my youngest has major sensitive skin issues and I now have to buy Pampers extra-sensitive wipes. So to save money I tear each wipe in half before I use it (unless I'm dealing with a poopy diaper of course). I really don't need more than a half sheet on just a wet diaper. I've really been able to stretch each tub of wipes this way.

That's my Frugal Friday tip! Check out more ideas at Biblical Womanhood.

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Katie Gregg said...

Congrats on the potty-training! That's a big step!